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Keeping Art . 不斷藝術成立於2011年。藉由 Keeping 一詞,意指持續地、不斷地為台灣藝術盡份耕耘之心力。藝術與空間的微妙關聯,猶如電影配樂與電影間的相輔之作。

Keeping Art was established in 2011." Keeping " refers to our continuous and unceasing devotion to art. The subtle connection between art and space is akin to the relationship between the music and lyrics.


We combine the creative energies of our all-around, professional art crew with that of the artist, to meticulously design and create custom works of art unique to each space.


We seek to catalyze the manifestation of more multifaceted visual aesthetics and spiritual beauty in public art spaces in the future.

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